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Our team offers turn-key installation of structured cabling systems for voice and data per applicable standards, codes, and specifications. Our practice provides a comphrehensive infrastructure for your business to transmit data. In addition, our work provides a framework for your company to organize and connect various devices and equipment. Structured cabling not only supports current and future technology requirements, but it simplifies network management and reduces overall costs.

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Our team specializes in access control, which plays a large role in protecting the integrity and security of your business. Access control allows your business to regulate who has access to your building or another resource, ensuring only authorized individuals can access sensitive information. Our team offers methods of authentication including passwords, PINs and smart cards. 

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Our team specializes in the installation of a multitude of surveillance systems. These systems utilize various technologies and methods to capture, record, and analyze video or audio data. Examples include CCTV systems and IP based surveillance.

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JDP specializes in fiber optics. Widely used in telecommunications, fiber optics uses thin strands of plastic or glass to transmit data in the form of light pulses over long distances. All cables are fully certified and tested. 

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